Leverage Your Data

We help leverage your data assets to train advanced prediction models and apply advanced data science techniques to solve your problems. We can also generate data, enhance your data or source data from a third party to help solve your core problem.

Predict Key Metrics

A logistics system to help manage technician service calls that has many data points collected and also instances of callbacks - the key metric. Machine learning can be used to predict callbacks and prompt a message to the technician. The technician can use this prediction to intervene and solve the issue predicted that will cause the callback. We can predict any key metric in your data.

Implement Solutions

We can handle small projects such as training a model and providing a monthly report on your key metric to large projects including web applications or automated systems. A model that predicts machine failure could result in a simple monthly report that gets emailed to the maintenance lead or a full-stack application that interacts with your existing control system to generate alerts. We work with your existing IT team on the integration method that works best with your business.

Free Evaluation

Contact us to schedule a free one hour evaluation. We will discuss the data you currently have, goals of your project, technical staff, project scope and ideal budget range. The initial project evaluation is free of charge. You will have a good idea of total project cost and the consultants that will be working on your project before work begins.