Rajiv Sambasivan

Rajiv has a background in software development and machine learning. He has been involved in software development for over twenty years and with data science for over ten years. As a technical leader, he has delivered mission-critical business applications in a wide variety of domains.

After spending a long time in the industry, he decided to work on a Ph.D. in machine learning. His research interest is in building practical, efficient algorithms for machine learning on big datasets. When he is able to find the time, he loves to travel and read.

  • Extensive experience working with a variety of stakeholders on software development projects leading data engineering teams. He has developed solutions for financial services, telecommunications, retail, transportation, and tax processing.
  • Practical experience and formal training in machine learning (MS - Data Mining, Ph.D. candidate - Machine Learning)
  • Research experience in machine learning with 5+ published research papers.
  • Adept at mapping business requirements to machine learning tasks and identifying opportunities to apply machine learning.

Chris Zweber

Chris has a background in corporate accounting/finance and IT project management with experience in many areas in the development cycle including writing requirements, development, testing, implementation planning and end user support.

He is passionate about applying powerful emerging technologies founding his first technology company developing web applications in 2011. In his free time Chris enjoys weightlifting and is a strong tournament chess player.

  • Experience managing and delivering a variety of successful technical projects in corporate and startup environments
  • Adept at understanding business requirements, challenges and identifying opportunities for improvement through technical solutions.
  • Understands complete technology stack to implement your projects. A combination of both technical and project management skills allows him to create synergy when bringing diverse project stakeholders together in executing a project.
  • Certified Public Accountant (inactive)